Rituel 9°: a beer with character

With its subtle traces of fruit and bitter spices, Rituel 9° commands a sense of respect. The sheer quality of this remarkably balanced Leffe will also win you over. But do you know how the quality of beer used to be evaluated? And did you know that Rituel 9° would have ticked all the required boxes?

For many centuries, the quality of beer was assessed by an Officer of the Order of the Crown. It was his responsibility to ensure that beer served in the kingdom was of a sufficiently high quality. This officer could be recognised by his leather trousers; a key feature of his formal uniform. After first pouring a small amount of beer onto a bench, he would solemnly sit down on the puddle for half an hour. After 30 minutes, he would get up and deliver his verdict: if he could stand up easily, the beer was deemed good quality. If, however, his leather trousers stuck to the bench, the beer was considered poorly fermented and could not be sold. As more ‘sophisticated’ devices were developed, such as the hydrometer, this noble profession eventually died out.

If Leffe Rituel 9° had been evaluated by this officer, he would most certainly have been able to get up off the bench in a split second. Leffe Rituel 9° is a top-fermented, copper-toned beer, with pure, pronounced flavours of bitter spices and bananas to delight the palate and the taste of grains to top it off. The fact that this beer is rich in hops offers it a long-lasting and intense aftertaste that manages to enthral connoisseurs time and time again.

For the ultimate taste experience, serve Leffe Rituel 9° in its own chalice - for only then can this beer truly be tamed and its generous, light foam collar fully be appreciated.

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