Leffe Ruby – An encounter of craftsmanship.

Learn all about the making of the new ad for Leffe Ruby.

Leffe is a beer you savour slowly, offering you the chance to meet new people and exchange ideas. That’s exactly what happened when stylist Justine Mauroit and origami artist Octa sat down with a glass of Leffe Ruby. The taste of forest fruits inspired them to show Leffe’s craftsmanship in a different light.

An encounter of two crafts

To develop this new image for Leffe Ruby, Leffe brought together two artists from completely different fields: a stylist/set decorator and an origami artist (who has mastered the traditional Japanese art of folding sheets of paper into shapes, which can be traced back to the Middle Ages). An encounter that perfectly reflects our philosophy, the manual labour, the expertise and the use of processed material are essential elements of Leffe’s heritage and identity.

A sequence of trial and error in order to perfect the technique

To shape their project, Justine and Octa were inspired by the bottle, the smell, the colour and the typical flavour of forest fruits. They carried out a large number of try-outs to determine the right texture for the fabric as well as the right decorations, just as Leffe honed its techniques throughout the centuries to develop a beer full of character. Eventually, the pair decided on a tightly woven fabric that nicely enhances the folds of the origami.

Leffe Ruby, light and delicate like a flower

Both artists opted for multiple shades of red, which perfectly complement the colour and character of Leffe Ruby. To illustrate the lightness of the beer, the fabric was used to create flowers, while the origami artist created a selection of fruit. When all the pleats that were needed to create the alcove are stretched out, they cover over 48 kilometres. No wonder origami artists have this saying: “When the hands are occupied, the mind can relax”.

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