Leffe, a good looking beer!

For Leffe, it’s not only the taste that counts. Because although it is obviously paramount, a good beer must also appeal to the eyes. Let’s see why…

Before anything else, don’t forget to clean your chalice glasses so that you don’t alter the quality of the beer and can fully appreciate the smooth creamy head. It’s so much more attractive that way! In fact there are three factors that make a beautiful beer: the colour, the look and the head.

Unique colours

There is a whole palette of colours across the varieties of the Leffe family. These colours come from the malts used, as well as sometimes from the different ingredients in each unique recipe. Leffe Ruby is a perfect example because the juices and aromas of red fruits are the origin of its ruby red hue.

The look: sparkling, radiant, or hazy,…

Each Leffe variety has its own special look. The brilliance of the beer allows you to admire the tiny bubbles streaming to the top of the chalice glass. Proof of quality is often linked to the sparkle it throws out. This doesn’t apply of course to Leffe Triple which has a hazy, misty look due to the yeast used.

The head: a real science…

The head plays the role of preserving the aromas of the beer by isolating it from the air. It is generally white in colour but can adopt a slightly different tint depending on the malts that are used. The head is the subtle combination of bitter hops and malt proteins which interact. And because hops are a key ingredient for obtaining a high-quality head, we generally find that the head is slightly more bitter than the beer itself.

To serve a perfect Leffe, ensure that the head measures at least 2 cm and that the bubbles are tiny and dense. Remember too that a quality head never disappears immediately. Once it has collapsed, it leaves little traces on the wall of the glass called “laces”. Which, even when the glass has been started, gives you beautiful views of your beer.

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