Leffe Blond – An encounter of craftsmanship

Learn all about the making of the new ad for Leffe Blond.

Ever since 1240, Leffe’s craftsmanship has been passed on from one generation to the next. Today, each Leffe still carries that unique, rich flavour that comes with 800 years of craftsmanship. We share this passion for craftsmanship with countless artisans, who all have a passion for working with their hands.

But Leffe also wants to prove that tradition and modernity are a match made in heaven, without losing their values. That’s the idea behind the new campaign for Leffe Blond: an encounter between the craft of a traditional furniture maker and a modern industrial designer.

When traditional craftsmanship meets modern techniques

How did this new campaign for Leffe Blond come about? What was the starting point? Furniture maker Christian Dalimier and industrial designer Philippe Rosset started from scratch, using nothing but the traditional alcove from the Leffe logo.
Only after savouring a Leffe did the ideas start to flow. Inspiration came from the typical generous, round flavour of Leffe Blond. The material of choice soon became obvious: wood. A traditional material for a traditional beer.

Leffe Blond, just as generous and intense as the wood

Wood is a natural and living material that reflects the colour and texture of the beer. By using several cut-out panels, Christian and Philippe provided the alcove logo with additional depth, just like a Leffe in a glass. The rounded lines echo the round flavour as well as the ripples that are formed when the beer is poured into a glass. Just like a Leffe, this collaboration illustrates that modernity and craftsmanship are a match made in heaven.

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