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Leffe Royale

In a few words
Three hop varieties and exquisite citrus flavours
Leffe Royale is a top-fermentation beer made from 3 different hop varieties. It provides the perfect balance between bitter and sweet.
Expert advice
“It takes centuries of expertise to create a beer like Leffe Royale, but it only takes an instant to fall under the spell of this full-bodied blond. Born out of the combination of three superior hop varieties, this beer provides the perfect balance between bitter and sweet. Hints of lemon and grapefruit complete this sense of harmony and in its own, special chalice, Leffe Royal’s flavour and aroma will carry you away.”
Leffe Royale marries perfectly with fish, shellfish, seafood and cheese such as Pont d’Evêque. Leffe Royale is served at 8°C in a twisted-stem glass, which allows the release of the different flavours. It contains 7.5% alcohol.