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Leffe Nectar

In a few words
Full-flavoured and rich
Leffe Nectar is a blond, honey-flavoured, orange-coloured beer. A soft and refreshing infusion characterised by a tangy aftertaste and a true abundance of flavour.
Expert advice
“Due to expert brewing techniques and meticulously selected ingredients, Leffe Nectar has a rich, golden orange colour, aromatic honey flavours and a wild and floral bouquet. When swirled around in a Leffe chalice, the beer’s most exquisite flavours are set free.”
As an aperitif, Leffe Nectar tastes absolutely delicious with foie gras on a slice of pain d’épices or with warm goat’s cheese on toast. Leffe Nectar contains 5.5% alcohol and is best served at 5°C in a beer chalice, which will allow all the flavours to come through.